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Product image Series Features Description Product catalog Specification RoHS Certificate REACH Certificate Part No. Lists Application Guide
Ferrite chip inductors Ferrite chip inductors Closed circuit, no interference, suitable for high density installation Ferrite chip inductors Application Guide
Integrated inductors Integrated inductors The integrated inductor (molded inductor) includes the seat body and the winding body. The seat system is made of the winding body buried in the internal die-casting of metal magnetic powder. The SMD pin is the lead foot of the winding body directly forme Integrated inductors Application Guide
Power inductors Power inductors The power inductance is divided into two kinds: with and without magnetic cover, mainly composed of magnetic core and copper wire. In the circuit mainly play the role of filtering and oscillation. Power inductors Application Guide
Wire wound inductors Wire wound inductors Basic functions: filtering, oscillation, delay, notch, etc. Figuratively speaking :" through dc, resistance to ac" Wire wound inductors Application Guide