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Product image Series Features Description Product catalog Specification RoHS Certificate REACH Certificate Part No. Lists Application Guide
FKNM-S Fusible wire wound resistors (Small type) FKNM-S High power small body size FKNM-S Application Guide
FKNW Fusible wire wound resistors, over current protection FKNW It is suitable for protecting circuit boards. FKNW Application Guide
FKNW-H Fusible wire wound resistors FKNW-H Fusing current and fusing time can be consulted between buyers and the manufacturer FKNW-H Application Guide
SQF Termal fuse cement resistors SQF It is suitable for protecting circuit boards. SQF Application Guide
FRLF Fusible resistors, flameproof FRLF It is suitable for protecting circuit boards. FRLF Application Guide
FRNF Fusible resistors, flameproof(Small type) FRNF High power small body size FRNF Application Guide
CSR precision current sensing resistors CSR Suitable for all kinds current sense application. CSR Application Guide
WOR milli Ohm wire resistors(Shunt) WOR Milli ohm WOR Application Guide
RSNF anti-pulse non-inductive resistors RSNF Electrical and mechanical atability and high reliability. RSNF Application Guide
RSSF anti-pulse non-inductive resistors(Small type) RSSF High power small body size RSSF Application Guide
RT metal glaze high voltage resistors RT Similar characteristic with metal film but resiatance RT Application Guide
NKNP non-inductive wound resistors, flameproof NKNP very low inductance NKNP Application Guide