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NKNP non-inductive wound resistors, flameproof NKNP NKNP Non-Inductive Wound Resistors,Flameproof NKNP Application Guide

A non inductive resistor is a type of resistor that is designed to have a very low inductance. Inductance is the property of an electrical component that determines its ability to store energy in the form of a magnetic field. In an inductive resistor, the resistance to the flow of electrical current is primarily due to the movement of electrons through a material, such as a metal or carbon. However, in a non-inductive resistor, the resistance is mainly due to the scattering of electrons by impurities or defects in the material. This allows non-inductive resistors to have a lower inductance and a faster response time to changes in current. 

We offer non inductive resistor in a wide variety of construction types. Mainly provide Non Inductive Wirewound Resistor. This non inductive wirewound resistor range from 1/2 watt to 1000 watts in a single component and are compatible with a variety of end products including railroad charging stations, switchgear, motor controls, defibrillators, gas pedals, circuit breakers, high voltage power supplies, and more!

Non-inductive ceramic composite resistors offer several advantages over other non-inductive wirewound, thin film and composite resistors. This is due to the lack of film or wire that could fail. Our ceramic resistors are also chemically inert and thermally stable, assuring all users that the product line is safe and durable.

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