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ALCM4520-1211F Series ALCM4520-1211F Series Chip common mode filter for large current applications ;The shape of all series products is controlled to a minimum and the common mode impedance exceeds 300~1000 (at 10MHz), which can greatly suppress common mode noise;Compatible with high-density portab Application Guide

SMD Power Chip Inductor

Surface mount power inductors for a variety of applications from power supplies to power converters. Core types include ferrite and powdered iron, and topologies include: unshielded, shielded, powdered iron, ferrite-coated, and wirewound chip inductors.

SMD magnetic shielding shell is assembled by drum core and ring core. A shielded toroid will be used to cover the area around the coil, providing a closed magnetic circuit for these products to achieve low EMI levels. The advantage of shielded inductors is to block any external influence from external and internal magnetic forces. This shielded inductor offers constant DC superposition, cost-effectiveness, low core loss, excellent efficiency, wide inductance range, and low DCR due to good construction/large winding space.

Aillen offer shielded power inductors in a variety of industry standard packages from as small as 3.0mm to 12.0mm. The inductance range is from 1.0uh (1R0) to 1500uH (152), and the inductance value can be customized (customized characteristics of SMD shielded power inductors). We also use two drum cores, Ni-Zn and Mn-Zn. Both material powders have high relative permeability (μ), but the Mn-Zn core has higher current carrying capacity and lower RDC. In addition, for applications with higher mechanical stability or voltage requirements, a plastic base can also be used. We offer a wide range of power inductor series such as power inductors, high power inductors or other circuits

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