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image Series Features Description catalog Specification RoHS REACH Part No. Application
Metallized polyester film capacitor(Powdered) MEM series MEM passing, blocking, coupling, decoupling decoupling MEM Application Guide
Metallized polyester film capacitor(Powdered) MEF series MEF Blocking.by- pass and coupling of DC and signals to VHF range MEF Application Guide
Metallized Polyester film capacitor(Boxes) MEC series MEC By-passing blocking coupling pulse MEC Application Guide
Class DCF Y1, Y2, X1 DCF Y1 X1 AC line filter and primary -secondary coupling DCF Y1 X1 Application Guide
Temperature compensation DCC series DCC Temperature compensating disc capacitors(Class I) DCC Application Guide
High voltage series DCH DCH The high voltage disc ceramic capacitors have feature of with standing higher voltage .There capacitors are used in by pass and coupling circuits.There in the high voltage disc ceramic capacitors with low dissipation factor particularly suit to use in th DCH Application Guide
Super high voltage DCG series DCG High rated votlage DCG Application Guide
Fusible Wire Wound Resistors(Small Tyep) RFKN-S Fusible Wire Wound Resistors(Small Tyep) Application Guide
WOR milli Ohm wire resistors(Shunt) WOR WOR Milli Ohm Wire Resistors(Shunt) Application Guide
CDUH serial CDUH High temperature product CDUH Application Guide
CDUT seourl CDUT LED power driverStandard CDUT Application Guide
CDUE seourl CDUE LED power driverStandard CDUE Application Guide