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Inductor components product introduction
Mar. 16, 2021

Dongguan Aillen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and manufacturing of inductor components.

The products mainly include: wire-wound power inductors, high-frequency wire-wound inductors, magnetic glue power inductors, combined wire-wound power inductors, integrated inductors, flat wire high current power inductors, wire wound common mode inductors, etc.

Products are widely used in: TWS headsets, mobile phones, TVs, power supplies, consumer electronics, computer motherboards, graphics cards, network communication products, industrial control panels, LED lighting, medical equipment and other fields.

With advanced technology and testing and manufacturing equipment as strong support, the company has gathered a group of outstanding talents in product design and development, manufacturing, marketing and other fields. It has strong technical force and has a group of comprehensive professional skills and strong development and design capabilities. Engineers and technicians, the company uses SPC and other advanced quality methods to strictly control the quality of products, has advanced and complete production testing equipment and a complete quality management system, and can quickly respond to customer supplies.

Some products of the company can replace Coilcraft, SUMIDA, Wurth, TDK, Murata, Vishay, BOUNRS, TAIYO YUDEN), Qiankun (Cyntec), Meilei (Maglayers), Chilisin (chilisin), Taiqing (TAI-TECH), Qianru (ABC), Sunlord and other brands.

Inductance products mainly include:

Wire wound inductor:

CD series--CD32/CD43/CD53/CD54/CD75/CD105

NR series--NR201610/NR252010/NR252012/NR3015/NR4012/


CDRH series--CDRH103R/CDRH104R/CDRH105R


One-piece inductor:

AMDP series--AMDP0412B/AMDP0420B/AMDP0518B/AMDP0530B



Winding common mode inductance

CMF-series CFM2012/3216/4532

inductor components