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About our development of CD11T high voltage products article
Mar. 02, 2021

In recent years, the domestic power supply market has shown a trend toward miniaturization, high power, and high voltage. Ailun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. continues to combine with domestic and foreign upstream material suppliers to develop aluminum electrolytic capacitors, apply new technologies, strive to lead the development of the industry, and provide customers with more cost-effective products or solutions.

The corporate headquarters has in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the R&D center, with the goal of developing high-reliability products. After nearly a year, we have successfully developed a miniaturized/high voltage (550V) / high lightning resistance (4KV) CD11T special aluminum Electrolytic capacitor.

The main raw material of this product, aluminum foil, adopts newly developed high-voltage pressure/high specific volume positive foil and pressure negative foil, the purpose is to further improve the product's high voltage resistance and ensure that the volume is reduced. At the same time, in order to ensure longevity and high lightning resistance, the imported special electrolytic paper is used to match. The special production process is adopted in the manufacturing process to ensure the one-time quality and stability of the product. The use of our products will make the overall equipment miniaturization/high lightning resistance inevitable.

Current mass production specifications:

1.CD11T 550V8.2 10*15

2.CD11T 550V10 10*17

3.CD11T 550V10 13*13

4.CD11T 550V15 13*16

Aillen brand aluminum electrolytic capacitors currently have high ripple products, long-life products, ultra-low temperature resistant products, high-temperature resistant products, and very low impedance products. Welcome to call for samples (customizable) and mass production!

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