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What is Chip Capacitor?
Sep. 28, 2022

SMD capacitor is a kind of capacitor material, the full name of SMD capacitor: a multilayer chip ceramic capacitor, also Chen Wei SMD capacitor, chip capacitance. There are two ways to express the chip capacitor, one is in inches and the other is in millimeters. Aillen is a professional chip capacitors manufacturer with many years of production experience. We cooperate with customers all over the world. If you have any needs, please contact us to discuss and make progress together.

SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitor

The naming of chip capacitors:

The parameters included in the name of the disc capacitor include the size of the chip capacitor, the material used for the chip capacitor, the required accuracy, the required voltage, capacity, terminal requirements, and packaging requirements. Generally, the parameters that need to be provided for ordering SMD capacitors should have size, accuracy requirements, voltage requirements, capacity values, and the required brand.

Packaging of chip capacitors:

SMD capacitors can be divided into two types: non-deformed and polarized. Non-polarized capacitors 0805 and 0603 are the most common, and polarized capacitors are what we usually call electrolytic capacitors. In general, aluminum electrolytic capacitors are the most commonly used. Capacitors, because the electrolyte is aluminum, their temperature stability and accuracy are not very high, and the chip components are close to the circuit board, so temperature stability is required, so the chip capacitors are tantalum capacitors.

MLCC capacitor selection:


Selection elements: parameters, capacitance value, tolerance, withstand voltage, use temperature, size, material and DC bias effect, etc.

Dielectric performance: 

COG capacitors have high-temperature compensation characteristics, suitable for bypass capacitors and coupling capacitors.

ㆍX7R capacitors are temperature-stable ceramic capacitors suitable for low-demand industrial applications

ㆍZ5U capacitors are characterized by small size and low cost, especially suitable for decoupling circuits

ㆍY5V capacitor has the worst temperature characteristics, but has a large capacity and can replace low-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors

MLCC commonly use different media specifications such as C0G, X7R, Z5U, Y5V, and different specifications have different characteristics and uses. The main difference between C0G, X7R, Z5U, and Y5V is that they have different filling media. Under the same volume, The capacitance of the capacitor composed of different filling mediums is different, and the dielectric loss and capacity stability of the capacitor is also different. Therefore, when using a capacitor, different capacitors should be selected according to the different functions of the capacitor in the circuit.