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Wire wound resistor
Nov. 10, 2020

Wire wound resistor is a passive component, which is a kind of fixed resistor. Wire wound resistor is composed of a resistance wire wound on an insulating frame.

Wire-wound resistors are made of nickel-chromium wire or manganese-copper wire and constantan wire wound on a porcelain tube. They are divided into fixed and adjustable types. Wire-wound resistors are characterized by high resistance accuracy, low noise during operation, reliable stability, can withstand higher temperatures, and can still work normally at an ambient temperature of 170 degrees Celsius.

The role of winding resistance:

Wire-wound resistance is composed of resistance wire wound on an insulating skeleton, and generally uses a medium with a certain resistivity, such as

Made of nickel-chromium and manganese-copper alloys. Wire-wound resistors are mainly used to reduce voltage, shunt, load, feedback, transfer energy, and match in low-frequency AC circuits, or act as absorbers and voltage dividers in power circuits, and can also be used as The attenuation adjustment in the oscillating circuit and the transformer and the shunt in the pulse forming circuit.

Application areas of wire wound resistors:

It can be used for the discharge and spark suppression of the filter stage capacitor in the rectifier. At the same time, it can be widely used in padding, medical equipment, automobile industry, railway, aviation, military equipment and other fields.

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Wire wound resistor