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Precautions for capacitor testing
Dec. 24, 2020

Aillen is a professional capacitor manufacturer. Capacitors need to go through a series of tests. Today, I would like to introduce the matters needing attention about capacitors.

Testing Conditions of the capacitor

The normal temperature is 20-25℃  

Put the capacitors 2 hours in normal circumstances

The relative Humidity: Not more than 85%

No special requirements for the atmospheric pressure.

The Testing Methods 

(1).Voltage testing between terminals(DC).

The drain current is 5mA. The user could adjust to the using circuits to increasing gr decreasing.

As normal. the rate of applying voltage is 50V Is.

If the rate is higher than 50V/s.which over the setting leakage current.

that will cause the failure of applying a voltage

Never using the shorting discharging which may damage the capacitors after the Volage testing.

The Resistors discharging is better.

In the AC voltage testing,the drain current should be>2 fCU/1000 (mA):f-HzC--uF.U---v)

(2). Insulation Resistance Testing

Rated voltage is lower than 10V using the rated one as testing voltage

Rated voltage is between 10and 100v including the 100v testing 10v

Rated voltage is between 100 and 500v into including the 500vitesting in 100v

Rated voltage is higher than 500V(including 500V)and above, testing in 500v

(3).The test for the capacitance and dissipation factor 

As normal, the testing frequency is 1KHz.

Show us the more follows detailed information, the better for your samples in using

The rated voltage: DC.AC or Others

Capacitance and Capacitance Tolerance: G.J.K, M, etc

The products kinds: TV power etc

Using area or circuit diagram: Direct Current Circuit, alternating current 

pulse circuit, (s correction circuit, line retrace circuit. high voltage sudden), overline, depressurization, resonance, wave filter, firing circuit.

Using Conditions:Pulse Peak.frequency,waveform,current etc

Using Temperature: The capacitors using temperature

Dimensions:The length,width,thickness etc

Shape: The type of envelopment (wound or box or others,)the pins (straight leads, crimpled leads, taping, etc)

Safety: The short circuit or open circuit of capacitors would influence the other parts of the products. The other parts in the products which work in abnormal also would influence the capacitors.

Custom safety capacitor