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SMD resistor in security industry丨SMD resistor

Aillen is a passive electronic component manufacturer. Its main products are SMD resistors, thin-film resistors, thick film resistors, in-line resistors, ceramic chip capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, safety capacitors, chip inductors, in-line inductors, and other products. Security industry.

Security is an important category of the electronics industry and is the comprehensive utilization of modern computer technology, integrated circuit application technology, network control, and transmission technology, and software technology. In AiIllen, security electronic components focus on stability. Corresponding products include alarm products, monitoring products, and detection products. Therefore, when these products work, their long-term stability, safety, and tolerance Environmental capabilities, etc.Be particularly important.

The security industry has a natural demand for artificial intelligence applications due to the requirements for real-time and accuracy. At the same time, with the widespread popularity of high-definition cameras, the security industry also provides sufficient data for artificial intelligence technology applications. Intelligence is the only way for the future development of the security industry. The application of AI in the security industry will bring new changes to the industry and drive the industry into a new and rapid development track. 

Security products penetrate the civilian market, and new demand brings new growth. With the improvement of people's living standards, ordinary residents are becoming an important force to promote consumer security, and SMEs, shops, and families are expected to become the backbone of conventional security needs. We believe that consumption upgrades will continue to generate new demands for security products in the civilian market and provide new incremental market space.

SMD resistor

In essence, the security industry is a combination of the computer, communications, and electronics industries. The bottom layer of the entire industry is chips and algorithms, the middle layer is the core components and equipment used, and the upper layer is the application platform solution. After refining the entire hardware system, the basic electronic components (resistor, capacitor, and inductor) temporarily occupy more than 90% of the system. Their stable state of operation will cause quantitative changes to qualitative changes, which is an extremely important part of the entire system. According to the specific needs and characteristics of industry applications, customers form product configurations at all levels from top to bottom, so as to build targeted solutions. 

At this stage, the competition in the security industry has departed from node competition at a certain level but is a competition of comprehensive capabilities and solutions. Security in the future is a process of upgrading a huge system with comprehensive security precautions, management, and services to a digital, networked, high-definition, and intelligent organic whole, and it is the deepest demand for the construction of cities and their environments. Macroeconomic needs are urgent and support is unprecedented. We believe that the security industry is one of the few in the electronics industry that can maintain stable and high-speed growth in the medium and long term, and is an important industry related to the national economy and people's livelihood.

In the security industry, Aillen has a professional designer team, technical team to provide clients with excellent service, welcome to the electronic components industry friends to cooperate with Aillen, to discuss the problem of electronic components, common development progress together with Aillen and join you have any questions about the electronic components, please feel free to contact us.