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Cement Resistor

Product Details

Cement Resistors 

Cement resistors are made of resistance wire wound on an alkali-free ceramic core, plus a layer of heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and non-corrosive protective materials. The wirewound resistors are then placed in square ceramic packages sealed with special non-flammable and heat-resistant cement.


Temperature range: -55°C ~ +155°C

5% tolerance

Very small, robust and reliable

Sealed with special cement

Excellent moisture resistance

High temperature stability

Ceramic flame retardant package

The recommended washing method is alcohol

What is a Cement Resistor?

A cement resistor is a heat and flame resistant power resistor.

A cement resistor can handle the large amounts of power flowing through it and is not damaged by heat or flame. If you are designing a circuit with a large amount of current flowing through the resistor and it needs to be resistant to heat and flame, then a cement resistor is a good design choice.

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