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Axial resistor

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Axial Resistor

Most standard resistors are typically manufactured with axial leads. The leads extend horizontally from the body of the part. These parts are used in the through-hole design of the PCB. This mounting design has the leads bent downward for insertion. Since the part is shipped without any bends, it provides the end user with the option to bend and mount it according to their application.

Axial leaded resistors offer a unique solution in applications that have traditionally used carbon components, often replacing two or more with a single ceramic resistor. Some areas where axial leaded resistors are used include test equipment, high voltage power supplies and cable connectors, soft start, pulse waveforms, EMF/RFI test circuits, high voltage power supplies, and RC buffer circuits. These ceramic axial leaded resistors perform well in situations that require the use of smaller size resistors to handle high peak power or high energy pulses. These non-inductive axial leaded resistors dissipate energy uniformly through the entire resistor body.

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