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  • Polypropylene  Film Foil Capacitor(Powdered) PPN Series

Polypropylene Film Foil Capacitor(Powdered) PPN Series

Product Details

Foil Capacitor

The electrostatic capacity (representing the performance of electrolytic capacitors) is proportional to the surface area of the capacitor electrode foil, requiring high flexural strength. In order to increase the surface area by tens to hundreds of times, the capacitors are electrochemically treated with aluminum foil. However, while the larger surface area results in improved capacitance, the flexural strength tends to decrease.

Aillen utilizes trace chemical tempered high-purity bauxite sheets, and specialized manufacturing and quality control systems, we can produce electrolytic capacitor foils with higher capacitance and high flexural strength.


Non-inductive winding expansion

Foil construction and standard tinned oxygen-free solid copper leads

Tolerance up to ±1%

All packaging and filling units are supplied in protective clear packaging

Epoxy end filler meets or exceeds flammability requirements of UL94V0

Compliance and certification to global and other environmental standards available upon request; RoHS and non-RoHS available on most devices

Rated for audio applications up to 100 KHz, also available for all DC applications up to 100, 200, 400, 600 VDC

Customizable insulating sleeves, brackets, special terminals, non-standard leads, circuit connections and other hardware

Various styles, ratings and customizations for special requirements required for special circuit applications including higher IR or lower DF


Office equipment, audio-visual equipment (computer, digital TV, DVD player, audio equipment)

Information equipment (cell phone battery components, information infrastructure)

Automotive (electrical equipment, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles)

Power saving equipment (inverter home appliances)

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PFoil CapacitorFoil CapacitorFoil Capacitor