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image Series Features Description catalog Specification RoHS REACH Part No. Application
Metallized polyester film capacitor(Powdered) MEM series MEM passing, blocking, coupling, decoupling decoupling MEM Application Guide
Metallized polyester safety film capacitor(Powdered)MTE series MTE Switching power supply, electronic rectifier and frequency converter and other intermediate circuit dc filtering MTE Application Guide
Metallized Polyester film capacitor(Boxes) MEB series MEB Pulse logic, Timing. Compact Fluorescent lamps MEB Application Guide

High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitors For Sale

Aillen offer a wide range of standard and custom screw terminals, snap-in and board mount capacitors for use in the most critical applications, from defibrillators and medical imaging to UPS power backup for radar systems and large data systems. Look forward to our innovative aluminum electrolytic capacitors for rugged applications and space savings.


Vehicle Ballast Resistor

LED lighting market

Power Input Smoother


–40°C to +125°C operating temperature range

160V to 450V rated voltage range

2.2µF to 27µF Rated Capacitance Range

±20% capacitance tolerance at 120Hz, +20°C

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