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precision resistor in automobile industry丨precision resistor company

Aillen is a professional capacitor,inductor and precision resistor company, aiming to help each customer manufacture high-quality, affordable electronic components. The engineers of AiIllen electronics will work closely with you to understand the component application scenarios, establish the necessary quality standards, and manufacture the components suitable for the required scenarios according to your requirements.

 Sensors, controllers, and actuators, as the basis of automotive electronics, play an important supporting role for the entire automotive system. The development of these technologies has also continued to advance with the development of automobiles. Modern cars are getting closer and closer to "automatic cars" and "smart cars", and basic electronic components for automobiles have also become "nerve ends" or "control nerves" of these advanced systems. Nowadays, as long as there are new automotive electronic application systems, they will spawn new basic electronic components for automobiles.

Electronic components are the basic elements in electronic circuits. They usually refer to resistors, capacitors, inductors, and silicon crystal semiconductors in various types of packages. Among them, resistors, capacitors, and inductors occupy more than 85% of the electronic system. With the innovation of new technologies and new applications such as electric vehicles, connected cars, and autonomous driving in recent years, the automotive industry's demand for automotive electronic components and equipment such as micro-control units, sensors, and memory has surged, and semiconductor manufacturers have begun to play a role in the automotive industry supply chain. More and more important roles.

precision resistor company


 Automotive electronics is mainly used in power control systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, automotive safety control systems, and body electronic systems. In order to improve the driving experience, the rate of automotive electronics is constantly increasing. Aillen mainly studies ceramic chip capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, safety capacitors, thick film resistors, thin-film resistors, in-line resistors, chip inductors, in-line inductors, etc. in the automotive field. Ailen Electronics is very honored to provide customers with the services they need When our designers work closely with manufacturers to provide valuable products in the automotive field, this is regarded as our greatest value.

In the automobile industry, Ellen has a professional designer team, technical team to provide clients with excellent service, welcome to the electronic components industry friends to cooperate with Aillen, to discuss the problem of electronic components, common development progress together with Aillen and join you have any questions about the electronic components, please feel free to contact us.