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image Series Features Description catalog Specification RoHS REACH Part No. Application
MCP MCP ◆ High saturation current realized by material properties and structure design. ◆ Low DC resistance to achieve high conversion efficiency and lower temperature rising. ◆ Magnetically shielded structure to accomplish high resolution in EMC protection. Application Guide
AMDP Series AMDP • Frequency up to 3 MHz • 125℃ maximum total temperature operation • Low core loss • Ultra low buzz noise due to molding construction Application Guide

Molded Inductor

Designed for high current applications such as personal computers and telecommunications equipment, our moulded inductors are designed to function where other conventional inductors sometimes fail. Moulded inductors are ruggedly constructed and consist of pressed core materials that completely block air and noise ingress and enhance their magnetic properties. They achieve greater inductance and current in a smaller total size for unobtrusive placement in miniature devices. The inductance remains stable over a wide range of currents and slightly below rated current for power optimisation and reliability.

Benefits of our moulded inductors

Made from an ultra-thin mixture of nickel-zinc ferrite, manganese, iron powder and metal alloys, our moulded inductors offer monolithic construction, small size, light weight and low cost. Other benefits include

Low profile / miniature size

High DC bias and saturation current

Less self-induced electromagnetic interference

High reliability to AEC-Q200 standards

Frequency range up to 5 MHZ


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