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  • ALCM4520-1211F Series

ALCM4520-1211F Series

  1. Power line noise countermeasure for electronic equipment (Notebook, server applications, Battery , etc.)

  2. Best for high current circuit such as car.

  3. wireless charging and power device design

Product Details

SMD,4.7*4.5*2.0mm,7.5*7.0*3.8mm,9.5*9.0*4.8mm,12.5*12.0*10.8mm Common Mode Line Filters.

Chip common mode filter for large current applications ;

The shape of all series products is controlled to a minimum and the common mode impedance exceeds 300~1000 (at 10MHz), which can greatly suppress common mode noise;

Compatible with high-density portable devices, which are always being made smaller and lighter, because the height has been reduced.