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Product image Series Features Description Product catalog Specification RoHS Certificate REACH Certificate Part No. Lists Application Guide
Monolithic capacitor AXIAL Miniature size,wide capacitance, tape and reel AXIAL Application Guide
Super high voltage DCG series DCG High rated votlage DCG Application Guide
High voltage series DCH DCH The high voltage disc ceramic capacitors have feature of with standing higher voltage .There capacitors are used in by pass and coupling circuits.There in the high voltage disc ceramic capacitors with low dissipation factor particularly suit to use in th DCH Application Guide
Temperature compensation DCC series DCC Temperature compensating disc capacitors(Class I) DCC Application Guide
MLCC- X7R MLCC A wide selection of size is available. M1206B225K101EB Application Guide
High Dielectric constand DCT series DCT Type DCT disc Capacitors have characteristics such as higher dielectricconstant,higher capacitance,smaller size .They are suitably used in by pass circuit,coupling circuit ,filter circuit ,and isolating circuit ect . DCT Application Guide
Semi conductive DCS series DCS This disc ceramic capacitors belong to surface layer semi-conductive constrection,have characteristics such as higher capacitance,small size. DCS Application Guide
0603B102K500BD MLCC 0603B102K500BD Application Guide
0603B103K500BD MLCC
0603B103K500BD Application Guide
0603B104J160BD MLCC
0603B104J160BD Application Guide
0603B222K500BD MLCC
0603B222K500BD Application Guide
0603N1R5C500BD MLCC
0603N1R5C500BD Application Guide